As one Campaign ends… another begins

We just wrapped up a two year long campaign and are about to launch into a brand new campaign. We’ll be posting campaign updates here for those interested in how things are going.

To set some broad background for our campaign setting. We play in a Homebrew world with adventures set in a continent called Argen:

Argen: the canvas we paint our adventures on

For scale the main body of the continent (so if you cut off the narrow bit that connects the Western Kingdom) is about the same size as North America.

The last Campaign was set mostly in the central part of the Eastern Kingdom, eventually ranging down towards the peninsula to Capital City and then sailed East to the Island Nation of Karnack where Dragonborn in our setting originate from. There the party overthrew a tyrant and helped establish their friend Jenova (a Dragonborn fighter exiled from Karnack for his loyalty to the king the tyrant had murdered) as the new king of the island nation.  Along the way they also killed an abnormally powerful beholder, scaled fantasy Mount Everest, met a few beings who live outside of the confines of death itself, turned a powerful Elf Mage who was a pestering enemy into a dear friend, made a pact with a powerful Arch-Fey, met old lovers and illegitimate children, founded a group called The Repentance (which is basically like a fantasy version of the French Foreign Legion), picked pockets, delved the Underdark, Frolicked in the FeyWild,  and one of them in typical bard fashion either seduced or was seduced by an ancient Copper Dragon…

The new campaign will call The Northern Reach it’s home. This is the Northernmost Area of the Eastern Kingdom.  See our next post for basic info on the Northern Reach and it’s main city of NorthWood.



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