“PLAN”-dom Encounters #1: Mummy

Plan-dom Encounters #1: Mummymummy

Plan-dom encounters will be a regular feature. It’s nothing more than a seed of an idea… Could be used for an adventure sometimes, could lead to something larger, but more often than not it’s just an idea for how to toss a monster into your game-world!

For episode #1: Mummy. Sure it’s easy to throw a mummy into a desert ruin or a deep dark tomb. But where else could you use one of these undead to unravel a parties best-laid plans?

Drop a mummy into an urban environment for a new level of fun and a little dollop of surprise. Here’s three ways to use a mummy in a town or city:

  1. Museum exhibit: Some museum has gotten their hands on a mummy and his accompanying accouterments. After a few day the exhibit gets… “lively”
  2. Mage’s Basement: Oh my, what can you find in a mage’s basement? Maybe the party finds a carefully sealed ornamented box! What sort of treasure lies within? The treasure of seeing their greedy faces when instead of gold and magic items they find they’ve released a mummy!
  3. Crime Boss: Crime Bosses need crazy stuff. Tigers, gold chairs, ornate tapestries, their very own mummy they keep chained up just because…

Dropping these classic undead into an urban scene can breathe some new life (we know, we know…) into them. When monsters appear where they “shouldn’t” but it still makes sense in the end it can be a ton of fun!


Got ideas of other ways to drop a mummy into an adventure? Leave us a comment below.


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