Campaign Crunch: New #1*

Ok, so we’re re-starting the numbering of the Campaign Crunch posts. We realized that it’s going to be confusing if they don’t match up to the campaign diary they correspond to.  So here were with Campaign Crunch: New #1!

Honestly there wasn’t a lot of crunch to our opening session of this campaign. But having said that there’s probably two things to chat about this week:

#1: City Locations: We’re using some older material from a venerable publisher (Flying Buffalo) to flesh out some of the businesses and locations in NorthWood. We’re gleaning heavily from their Citybook series (you can get PDFs of most of them on DriveThru RPG for about 5 bucks each: Drivethru RPG’s site ) In fact the tavern featured (Diamond Spider Tavern) is straight out of Citybook I. These are great resources to flesh out some things and add depth to your campaign world without working yourself ragged for a location that your PCs may never really care about. In the past we’ve meticulously crafted the locations in our cities but we decided to try an easier route this time, so far we are liking it.

#2: The Remodel: The party’s business partner gave them 300gp to spruce up their home base and get it ready for business. This campaign will feature resource management much more than our typical campaigns. The premise of this campaign is a group of adventurers seeking to make their way (and hopefully riches) in the world. So money isn’t just a means to an end, it’s an end unto itself. We want to build a lasting adventure where they can eventually reach a level of wealth that sets them apart, but we don’t want to just give them money. So They have to share their income with Marast, keep track of expenses involved with equipment and remodeling their new home, pay for things damaged during their work, pay fines they may incur in the future, and maintaining a moderate lifestyle carries a literal cost to it as well. Though a roof over their head isn’t an expense as long as their business contract is intact, so we lowered the cost of a modest lifestyle from 1gp/day to 5sp/day for each of them. That still means a month will consume 75gp just to keep them fed, clothed, etc…


That’s it for campaign crunch this week. We have other crunchy stuff to discuss, like how we modified the rest system in our campaign, and how we’re implementing the optional lingering injuries rules on critical strikes, but we’ll jump into those in a future post.


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