Campaign Diary #4 (the sick day)

So, a vicious stomach flu has descended on the East Coast and our DM failed his CON save against it. So this week we’re taking a breather. We’ve decided to use this week to paint a more detailed picture of the characters in our campaign for you.

Gax: (Male, Human, Sorcerer) Gax is a physically imposing figure. The inspiration for the character was a cross between Andre the Giant and Lenny from Of Mice and Men. Gax towers above the rest of the party (he’s abnormally large for a human, again think Andre the Giant but with a giant blonde afro-esque hair thing going on). Gax is a bit of a simpleton but don’t let that fool you into thinking that he can’t carry his own considerable weight! Through some clever use of the Magic Initiate Feat and his celestial heritage (his father allegedly is a celestial being of some sort) Gax is a veritable Swiss-Army-Knife of spellcasting. He loves animals and uses his ability to cast Speak With Animals as often as he can to chat with whatever critters (large or small) that he winds up running into. Gax migrated from the South and carries with him a friend from there Boku- a small song-bird that nests in his voluminous hair. Raised in a traveling circus by his mother Gax can eek out a living when he needs to with his trusty fiddle and his surprisingly good singing voice!

Siddron: (Male, 1/2 Hobgoblin, Wizard) Siddron is a wiry and tenacious 1/2 Hobgoblin who lived with his mother’s (His mother was a Hobgoblin) troop until she was killed and he was pushed out and rejected because of his mixed heritage. Siddron is the spawn of a tryst between his mother and a traveling holy-man- said holy-man being Hadrian a 1/2 elf cleric from our previous campaign that was set 25 years in the past. On a side-note Hadrian was a much beloved character from our last campaign who willingly gave his life to save a friend’s. Siddron headed north to start his own life away from the troop he was raised in. He is a very capable wizard and studious to a fault. He documents and records every potential new discovery he makes along his travels, spends hours combing libraries in NorthWood, and reads anything he can get his hands on.

Zattera: (Male, Human, Rogue/swashbuckler) Zattera is a slightly built olive-skinned sailor from way down south. How he wound up in the Northern Reach is anyone’s guess. He made his living on the deck of ships before landing in the chilly north. Zattera has hauled ropes on humble merchantmen and been a part of boarding parties for privateers… and maybe even a pirate or two in his time. Zattera is a survivor! Quick with a sword or cross-bow, light on his feet, and his wits are as sharp as his blades! Years of rough living as a sailor make Zattera a great asset to his friends… and a liability to his enemies.

Wolrf: (Male, Human, Barbarian). Wolrf (pronounced “Vulf”) is a stocky ashen-skinned barbarian with piercing blue eyes. His memory only stretches back about 5 years, when he awoke naked and alone in the wilderness of The Northern Reach. Literally a man with no past he was taken in by the Free-Folk of the Barrens; the Goliath barbarian tribes that live on the outskirts of The Barrens of the Northern Reach. Their way of life is the only way of life Wolrf knows but the elders of the clan set him forth on his rite of passage quest – to find out how he fits into the world of men. Wolrf seeks to find his past, if he has one. In the meantime he’ll live by the great sword and amass a collection of trophies from beasts and foes who fall at the blade of his weapons!

Magnus: (Male, Human, Artificer) Bearing the scars from some fiery disaster this lanky human hails from the second largest city in The Northern Reach: Bard’s Harbor. Magnus never really mentions his family or his lineage, which is odd for a Brethon (the sub-race of humans he’s a part of). His lingering injuries from the mysterious event in his past still linger, and while they hamper his breathing they do nothing to impede his genius. There are many gnomes in the world that don’t have Magnus’ penchant for tinkering. His keen mind and creativity make him invaluable to the team. When you pair Magnus’ hands-on brilliance with Siddron’s book smarts the team has a very solid base as far as matters of intelligence go.

Jung: (Female, 1/2 Orc, Ranger) Jung lived among a war-band of Orcs until she was driven out by them. She made her way to NorthWood and found what work she could to support herself. Mostly working as a shepherdess in the warmer months, taking the herds out to distant meadows and guarding them after dark. It was on the hills and mountain-sides that surround NorthWood that she honed her Ranger skills. It was also in the dark nights on those mountains that her elaborate set of superstitious beliefs grew. Jung is constantly making a talisman or a trinket to ward off some ill-effect or bestow a blessing on it’s wearer. As a ranger she’s a good as any other with her level of experience, as a warder off of dire evils she’s in a league of her own!

Torrik: (Male, Dwarf, Barbarian) Torrik is still a very young dwarf, in fact he’s still an adolescent. He fled from his home in the Dwarven town of Daimuk, for what reason only time may tell… There’s just something off-putting about Torrik, a disconcerting dark energy seems to live on any weapon he wields, his eyes seems a little too dark, his skin a little too pale, and there’s that pesky raven that follows him around wherever he goes. The one time his companions saw him away from his weapons (in a brief stay in a jail-cell) they all noticed that while there he looked like any other Dwarvish lad, but as soon as his weapons and armor were returned to him all the things that are a little off about him were back again. What caused this lad to flee his home? What is this dark energy at work in his weapons? Keep checking back and one day (maybe) all will be made clear!

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