Campaign Diary #5: Flight from the Porcine Pursuers!

Campaign Scribbling!

When we last left the gang they had just faced down a pair of Ghost Boar, killing one and mortally wounding the other. Jung & Torrik had set out to track the wounded Boar while the rest of the party stayed behind to harvest prizes and do a little field research on the dead one. Jung & Torrik encountered the massive Ghost Boar: Standard Ghost Boar are horse/small rhino sized, the big one is the size of a small elephant! After seeing it glaring at them menacingly they beat feet back to the party and the party began a flight from the forest bearing due north and making all haste they could safely sustain.

As the gang presses northward they first begin to notice that they are being pursued, loud crashes and Boar grunts occasionally being heard from the forest around them. Suddenly they are again attacked by two Boars, the Boar bearing down on them from the thick undergrowth of the forest. The gang scrambles, searching for what cover they can find Gax ducks behind a larger tree. One of the boar phases through the tree he is attempting to climb plowing him into the ground and into sweet unconsciousness. Torrik, Wulrf, & Zaterra (with some support from Sidron) make quick work of one of the boar. Wulrf taking a foreleg off the boar in a vicious attack at one point. Torrik looses himself in his barbarian rage and the party has to wait for his head to clear after the combat as he continues to assail the corpse of the dead Boar. The second Boar, while severely battered, manages to flee into the woods.

Jung kneels down and spitting on her hands begins to rub her spit into Gax’s voluminous hair: casting a healing spell on him and bringing him back to consciousness. Quickly regrouping they leave the dead boar behind and follow Jung northward yet again.

They reach the frozen pond, by this time they are deep into the night. Weariness begins to settle in on our heroes as they work their way near the Eastern Shoreline using the smooth surface of the pond to their advantage in their flight. They continually hear Boar squeels, grunts, and the snapping of large tree limbs in the woods nearby, and in the woods across the pond. Once or twice they think they see the shape of a Ghost Boar on the opposite shore-line trailing them in the dim moonlight.

As they near the North end of the pond the noises in the woods settle into an eerie silence. They make their way into the woods, only a few hours now from emerging out of the realm of the Ghost Boar and into more open country. As they continue their flight some of the party members hear the low grunts of a massive Boar in the thicket to their Left. The party scrambles into action!

Torrik moves quickly towards the sound and hurls a javelin into the brush, it finds it’s target and the roar of a Ghost Boar fills the woods around them. Other party members ready weapons and prepare to attack as Gax rushes forward and casts Catapult, hurling a small cannonball he carries with him for moments like these into the darkness. A sickening crack and a thud of projectile finding purchase in the dark and the ringing of metal as the cannon ball ricochets through the canopy! The Boar bursts forth, it’s the big one! An elaphantine-Boar bears down on Torrik slamming into him with it’s head and tearing at him with it’s tusks. Torrik manages to stay on his feet. The party sets to work, fighting now for their lives. They cast spells and fire desperate arrows at the hulking beast. They find that they now operate as a team and members who in the past have cared only for themselves throw themselves in harm’s way to assist their comrades! The boar is stabbed, burnt, and slashed by blade and magic. It’s massive head thrown side to side it tears at Torrik and his limp body is thrown through the forest landing with a thud in the forest nearby. The Boar turns to angle for another charge and the party unleashes hell on it, it stumbles but by sheer will keeps it feet under it and dashes into a thick Razor-Bramble. Magnus reaches into his Alchemist pouch and pulls forth an acid globule. He lobs it high and it lands true, the great beast rolls in the snow and dirt, raking at it’s own head and back with it’s hooves to try to stop the burning. It’s giant form writhes disconcertingly in the thicket for a few moments then with a great sigh it moves no more.

Gax rushes to Torrik’s body and lifting him like a small child in his arms he calls out to his mysterious celestial father and divine energy flows from Gax and into Torrik. Some of Torrik’s open wounds close and his breathing becomes regular, consciousness returns. Peeking through closed eye-lids and seeing that Gax is holding him like a child Torrik continues to feign unconsciousness.

The massive form of the boar settles as the air leaves it’s massive lungs. Bruised and bleeding the gang looks into the tearing, rending thicket of Razor-Bramble. “Magnus, you’ve killed him in the most inconvenient place, KILL BETTER,” Sidron says looking at their prize surrounded by the cutting brambles.

The gang set to work hacking their way through the brambles to free the body of the beast. Over an hour’s tough working gets them access to the animal and as they stand next to it a realization occurs… how are they going to move it? They estimate it weighs at least 7,000 pounds. Sidron and Magnus begin discussions and attempting to come up with a solution. Meanwhile Gax approaches the raven that follows Torrik around entreating it to deliver a message for them back to NorthWood. After some smooth talking the raven agrees and Magnus writes a message to be taken to The Curio for them asking for Marast to line up some horses to be sent out to them to retrieve the beast.

As the raven flies Northward the gang set a watch and attempt to get some rest, deep in the Shadow Grove, with a giant Ghost Boar carcass, and the remnants of the rest of the Ghost Boar and who knows what other beasts lurking around them…

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