Campaign Diary #14: Modron Problem Solved and Everyone gets a moment!

We rejoin the gang mid-battle with the Modrons. They’re still protecting the defective Monodrone as it deactivates the Device that sticks through the rift into the Material Plane. Modrons continue to pour out of the tunnels and into the chamber they’re battling in. We’ll save you the play-by-play and hit the highlights for you:
> Torrik reappears in a puff of dark purple smoke with a jewlers hammer in his hand. He quickly jams said hammer into the face of a Modron.
> Wolrf gets hit by a beam of energy from the device as it cylces closer to shut-down, instead of hurting him he feels his reflexes sharpen perceptibly.
> The Monodrones attempt a strategy of destroying one another to form Duodrones (we tweaked how Modrones work when destroyed… it’s in an older Campaign Crunch). The Gang thwarts their plans by smashing Duodrones faster than they can be very effective.
> A Pentadrone arrives on the scene to stop the plan to shut down the Device. Torrik sprints accross the room and manages to restrain it as it pummels him with it’s 5 metallic tentacles.
> The Device continues to do fun and amazing things, like flash mesmerizing lights across it’s surface and blast everything within 30′ with lighting. Sidron bearing the brunt of the electrical pulse and nearly going down.
> The Device eventually ends the battle for everyone when a pulse of energy flashes out and every Modron within 300′ dissapears, cast back to their original plane of existence.
> After several minutes a spindly Modron arm reaches through the rift and with Gax’s help (pulling from this side) the defective Modron pulls itself painfully through the rift and reengages with the Device and shuts it down.

Once the Device is shut down it collapses in on itself. As it collapses it crumples back through the rift and the rift closes, leaving a section of the original Sewer wall in the center of the Modron constructed wall. The battle over Magnus collapses to the floor weakened by the sickness that ravages his body.

The Gang collects their captured Rust Monster and assisting Magnus make their way top-side again. They find that all the Modrons are gone. Once top-side they get Magnus in bed and hope for the best.

Even with the care of Arkul, the dragonborn priest of Io, Magnus continues to worsen. The gang mobilizes to take care of him. Torrik asks the Raven if there’s anything the Raven Queen can do and it croaks out in Sylvan, “Follow.” and flies into the city streets. Torrik follows the bird through streets and alleyways until they arrive at an abandoned house. The Raven lands on the handrail and motions with its head towards the door. Torrik pushes the door open and the Raven flies down the rotting crumbling hallway and through a door at the other end that stands partially open. A dull purple light washes out into the hallway from the door. Cautiously opening this door Torrik looks inside and sees not the water damage and mold that fills the rest of the house but an immaculate, if dimly lit, dinning room. Black and purple tapestries line the walls depicting flocks of ravens flying above a cityscape and then beneath the city bones and bodies of the dead. At the opposite end of the table a female figure sits, her face hidden by a hood. The Raven flutters across the room and lands on her shoulder where she pets it lovingly. “Have a seat,” She says to Torrik as a sturdy wooden chair slides away from the wall and gently behind him so he can sit at his end of the table. Torrik asks if she can help Magnus. “This is not the way of things,” She replies, “All things must die at some point.” But Torrik presses the point again. She agrees IF Torrik will give himself over to her in one of his vanishing episodes. He agrees…

Across the city in the Curios Company’s base of operations Magnus lays delirious in his bed. Arkul and Sidron caring for him, fighting to keep his fever down, and hoping that he finds a way to pull through. Suddenly Magnus’ body goes rigid and his eyes roll back into his head. His body convulses then sinks down into his bed. As his body relaxes a deep exhalation comes from his chest and a dark purple smoke rises from his mouth. As this smoke escapes him the fever visibly breaks and color returns to his face. “Where am I?” Magnus asks Arkul and Sidron, who look on in amazement.

Back in the room with the Raven Queen Torrik thanks her for what he trusts she will do. “I have another gift for you Torrik.” She blows an arcane mist into her own hand and then petting the Raven with that hand it is absorbed into the bird’s body. The Raven leaps towards Torrik and with a few strong flaps lands on his shoulder. As its black talons grip Torrik an energy flows from the Raven and into Torrik. The power of it chilling him to his core, a cold so deep his bones and his heart ache. In that moment he knows that the Raven Queen has granted him the ability to Commune with her, but to do so means that he hands himself over to her to do her bidding. Another blank spot in his memory where she is the puppet-master and he is the puppet for her will…

And that’s where we’ll break off for this week. We’re taking next week off due to DM travel plans so next week we’ll catch everyone up on what happened to the rest of the gang during their “down-time”…
Till next week: May you roll well and find all the treasure in your games!

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