PLAN-dom Encounter: Fomorian

Fomorian… Giant-Kind’s prettiest face!

A face only a mother could love! Fomorians are the deformed and twisted giants from the Feywild itself. Once the most beautiful of the giants cursed by the Fey after their assault on the Feywild now they are hideous and ugly outside and in! Why should you incorporate Fomorians into your adventure? Two words: Evil Eye! It’s true that because of their deformities Fomorians can’t hurl boulders like other giants but get them within 60′ of your adventurers and watch your burliest, toughest, characters start to sweat as they find themselves making that dump-stat save… Charisma! Even on a succesful save it’s still 1/2 damage, so it doesn’t matter that you’re ensconced in magical plate mail you’re still getting the Evil Eye! Tack on the Fomorian’s Curse of the Evil Eye ability (it’s basically a once/encounter ability) and a failed save means bad, bad, bad news for your fighter that’s been laughing giddily at your CON save attacks for the last few sessions. A fail when Curse of the Evil Eye is used leaves a character as twisted and deformed as the Fomorian! (with delicious mechanical effects!) That’s WHY you should use a Fomorian here’s some ideas to WHERE:

4 Places to drop a Fomorian (or a few) on your party:
1) The Underdark: This is a total no-brainer, the Monster Manual description of Fomorians tells us they’ve retreated to the Underdark. So if your party is poking around in the deep bowels of your world… EVIL EYE the heck out of them!
2) The Feywild: They launched an assault on the Feywild at some point so it makes sense that a few of them could be lurking around here and there in the more shadowy parts of that most delightful of planes. Add Fomorians to your Feywild team-list and enjoy!
3) Captive guardians of dark places: Got an evil wizard? Imagine how effective a chained Fomorian would be at keeping his dungeons secure…
4) Midnight Raiders: Party setting up camp in some mountains or deep in a forest? Maybe a hunting party of Fomorians have come to the surface under cover of darkness looking for something different to fill their gnarly bellies with. With their far superior darkvision (120ft) and above average stealthiness for Giants (+3) Fomorians are great wake-up calls for a party that just wants a peaceful long-rest!

Hopefully this inspires you to use these oft overlooked giants in your worlds! Happy gaming and may your dice roll high and may your cocky-fighter miss that CHA save!

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